P-Days cares about your health, hygiene and provides you with the best in class products. Our company is always looking to improve our quality in each and every part of our products. Somany experienced scientists, doctors and our customers are behind the success of P-Days innovations. Peedays Lab is always ready to serve the hygienic need of our customers. Peedays Lab is producing the world-class hygienic products with using German technology. We are committed to reach the best products in the world to our valued customers.


P-Days Menstrual Cups

P-Days proudly introduced the best quality Menstrual Cups now in India. There are three variants Cups, ie; ULTRA SOFT, PREMIUM & NORMAL. These three variants are made by different material grades. The ULTRA SOFT is the Best grade and it is the best quality Cup in the world. And the Premium model is also the better quality Cup designed for quality lovers. Normal model is the good quality model cup. These three models are available in different prices.


We are introducing another hygienic product for female, that is PEE FUNNEL (REUSABLE - FEMALE URINATION DEVICE). It is very useful for travelling ladies, Sick women, Pregnant women and the users of public toilets. This PEE FUNNEL is the best remedy in airports, railway stations, metro stations, bus stations etc. This is a free size product and it can be used in all ages.

Female reusable urination device allows women's of all ages to STAND & Urinate with its unique designed funnel - when you don't want to sit on an unfriendly toilets. A must have device for hospital & medical needs, highways & outdoor, railway & metro as well as public toilets. Portable, reusable female urination device for women using which women can stand and urinate in all public and common toilets. It is a revolutionary product for women who hate dirty toilets when travelling fights or train or highways for work or leisure treks, marathons, road trips, events or those with medical condition joint pains or pregnancy. Using Pee device you can simple stand and pee and avoid all UTI or infections or yucky experiences at dirty toilets. It comes with simple open place pee throw instructions and is very convenient to use with no spills. Now use reusable pee device and stay away from infections, uti. No more wiping of seat, no more squats, no more holding it in. Its a quality product by Peedays Lab.

How To Use

100% Medical Grade Silicone
No Leakage
Eco Friendly
German Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Menstrual Hygiene ?

There are two main parts of a P-DAYS cup : The cup and a thin stem at the bottom to make removal easier. Before using P-DAYS Cup for the first time, it is important to read the directions on the packaging carefully and wash or sterilize it accordingly. It is best to wash the hands well with soap and water before inserting or removing a P-DAYS Cup. To insert it, fold the top of the cup and push it into the vagina, aiming it toward the lower back. Some people find insertion easier when they are squatting. Others prefer to be standing, sometimes with one foot raised, on the edge of the bathtub, for example. Folding the cup correctly can seem complicated at first, but there are several methods to try. Some of the more popular folds include: C-fold or U-fold: Press the sides of the P-DAYS Cup together so that from the top it resembles a long oval. Fold the P-DAYS Cup in half, so it looks like the letters C or U. Punch-down fold: Put a finger on the top rim of the P-DAYS Cup and push it into the center of the P-DAYS Cup (near the base), forming a triangle. 7-fold: Press the sides of the P-DAYS Cup together so that from the top it resembles a long oval. Fold one side down diagonally, so it looks like the number 7. Once the rim of the P-DAYS Cup is in, continue to push the cup into the vagina until the entire cup and stem are inside. The P-DAYS Cup should “pop” open, preventing any menstrual blood from leaking. To ensure this, hold the cup by the base (not the stem) and turn it one full circle, or 360 degrees. Some people run their finger along the rim of the cup to ensure that it is in the right place and has opened correctly. When it is in the right place, most people cannot feel it and can forget that it is there.

To remove the cup, a person can bear down slightly, as if they are having a bowel movement. Some people find it helpful to use the vaginal muscles to push the cup farther down. Using the forefinger and thumb, reach into the vagina and grab the stem of the cup, gently pulling it down. Pinch the base of the cup to break the suction and remove it from the vagina. Try to keep the cup upright to avoid spilling any blood. Some people find it hard to feel the cup or stem. Do not worry — a menstrual cup cannot get lost in the vagina. It can help to take a break and try again in a few minutes, especially if a person is feeling anxious or frustrated.

Keeping a menstrual cup clean is essential. Every time a person removes it, they should wash the cup with soap and water right away. It is also a good idea to boil the cup in water for 5–10 minutes between each menstrual cycle. It can be difficult to empty and clean a cup thoroughly in a public bathroom. In this case, a person can wash their hands before entering the stall, then remove the cup and use a piece of toilet paper to wipe it out before reinserting it. Some people carry a small bottle of water to rinse their cup over the toilet. Make sure to clean the cup well at the next opportunity.

All pdays cups are reusable

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